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When injuries and illness happen, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible to get on the road to recovery. Here at Houlbrook Physiotherapy we aim to make that possible by offering a service at a time to suit you and in your own home.

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We cover all aspects of rehab from sports related injuries to care of older people.

We treat respiratory conditions, provide orthopaedic rehab, frailty and falls prevention, sports injury relief, sports massage and musculoskeletal rehab. We carry out workplace and wellbeing assessments, and care staff training.


Community rehab is the cornerstone of our work and we mainly work with older patients, covering all aspects of rehab and respiratory care when required. We work to improve our patient’s independence and quality of life.



Sports rehabilitation covers musculoskeletal injuries and rehab, helping our patients to return to sport or daily life.


Falls Prevention

We offer one to one falls prevention and assessment for patients who have had a fall or feel they’re at risk. We work to improve strength and balance through targeted exercises. Whether you want one to one treatment or to join our online strength and balance class, we’ve got something for you.

Falls Prevention

Taking care of your health

When we work with patients, we find out your goals and what matters. No matter how big or small, we’ll help you achieve them. We see a lot of patients when they’ve had a hospital admission, and we like to be a part of your journey towards independence.

We offer advice regarding equipment and care and, where necessary, put you in touch with professionals who can help. We have forged links with other private practitioners and pride ourselves on offering holistic care to all our patients.

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FAQs - What we get asked a lot!

What’s the right walking aid for me?

Choosing the right walking aid is a big decision and there are many factors to consider when picking the right one for you. People often feel they’re not at a stage when they need a walking stick or walking aid. However, they reduce the amount they walk as they’re worried about falling.

Before choosing your walking aid consider where you’ll be walking. Is the ground rough or smooth? What will you be doing? Some patients manage with a walking stick. For those who plan to use walking aids for shopping trips, a four wheeled walker or delta frame is ideal as they include a shopping bag.

We carry a range of equipment so our patients can get a feel for what they prefer. We have links to local equipment shops and always recommend you try before you buy.

How many times should I be doing my exercises?

This depends on what you’re trying to achieve and your personal stamina. For example, if we’re working with someone to build power, we suggest they’re done more regularly, possibly once or twice a day. If we’re working with someone in a maintenance capacity, we suggest two or three times a week. It’s important to get the right advice so your exercise programme works for you and fits with your lifestyle.

What techniques can I use to control shortness of breath?

We see patients who struggle with shortness of breath due to underlying respiratory conditions, anxiety or a combination of both. There are lots of techniques you can use to control shortness of breath.

The most common one we recommend, and the easiest to do when you’re out and about, is to use a small handheld fan. Let it blow across your cheeks and try to focus on getting a slightly longer breath out versus your breath in. We call this the “breathing rectangle” and sometimes focusing on this type of breathing helps reduce anxiety if you’re feeling very breathless. Using the fan across your cheeks helps lower your respiratory rate by triggering the mamillary dive reflex.

Yes – we really are awesome humans!

Can I improve my balance?

Yes, with practise. The more you practise, the better your balance gets. Sadly, as we age, the things that control balance such as muscle strength, eyesight, vestibular systems, and sensory feedback can be impacted by other conditions or just the ageing process.

Anything you can do to improve this decline will reduce your fall risk. We always recommend a combination of tailored strength and balance exercises.

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Our team consists of Jo, our senior physiotherapist and clinical director, and Nathan, our sports rehabilitator and technical instructor.

Together we can treat patients who need the support of two therapists but also treat patients on our own.

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